We have now been in Dar es Salaam for two weeks and it was finally time to do some field work. After two weeks of hitting the books and researching in order to write our proposals and literature review, we stretched our legs and collected some data. The first component of our project is an observational study of high-end super markets in Dar. This includes looking at their physical infrastructure such as design, lighting, ventilation and cooling systems. We also looked at variety, pricing, and source location of produce, grains and animal products.

Today, we originally intended on going to three high-end supermarkets. The first was with all four of us. We went as a group to test out our survey sheet and in order for all future surveys to be filled out consistently. After our initial survey, we would split up into pairs and complete one per pair. It is good that we did the run-through first, because we found many problems with our survey. Not only were their formatting issues but also some food items were not specific enough to be useful for future student groups. We then decided not to do the final two super markets but to instead go home and re-structure and correct our surveys. We hope to finish the other seven super markets and complete our first two case studies in the next week.

– Josh Rempel

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