Over the last two months, the food team has diligently worked at creating surveys, distributing formal letters, arranging meetings, and conducting observational and personal interview surveys. The process of gathering information in a developing country presented different challenges, but with the team’s flexibility and hard work ethic data collection has been successfully completed. In short, the food team organized and managed many differing components to achieve this task. These methods varied between high-end supermarkets and case studies.

For high-end supermarkets, the process of collecting data was extensive and time-consuming. First, creating surveys involved carefully selecting effective questions to yield insights on high-end supermarkets. Second, the food team recorded observational data at each of the nine supermarkets. Third, a formal letter describing the nature and purpose of the study, and requesting supermarket superior’s voluntary involvement in the survey was administered. Fourth, the high-end supermarkets were approached and appointments were arranged (this task was not simple). Fifth, the team conducted interviews with each willing supermarket. In total, 9 out of 9 observational surveys, and 7.5 out of 9 personal surveys were completed.

For individual household case studies, the procedure was straightforward and easier. First, the surveys were written knowing the goal to understand different socio-economic class’s food consumption habits. Second, through personal relationships the food team was able to connect with four different individuals who were willing to participate in the survey. At points the use of an interpreter was needed to help resolve any language barriers. In total, 4 out of 4 case studies were fulfilled.


The food team conducting one of their final case studies.

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