The Food Team’s time in Dar es Salaam has been brief, but it was extremely productive. At the beginning of the internship we were a bit hesitant about the project’s direction, but the Food Team launched right into the project with the goal of creating a solid foundation for future interns. We encountered many challenges throughout the study; however, the report has gone exceptionally well, and everyone put a substantial amount of time as well as energy into the project.

Please click on the link below to observe our final report.

The Food Team would like to give a huge thank you to the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship for funding the grant to support our project and future internships associated to “Urban Food Systems in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and the Fraser Valley: Capacity Building for Policy and Planning.” This project has provided a great learning opportunity and invaluable experience for all of us.

We would like to also give a sincere thank you to our partners from the University of the Fraser Valley, Ardhi University, and Aga Khan University. The Food Team was extremely appreciative for all the support and advice provided from each institute. In no particular order, we would like to dedicate a special thank you to all the collaborative members involved in this project: Dr. Alex Awiti, Sheliza Bhanjee, Stephen Otieno, Dr. Kombe, Dr. Kibassa, and Cherie Enns.

20150809_214141 (2)

Our final dinner with Dr. Kibassa and his lovely family.

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