This past week Jeremy and I (Patricia) are excited to have been working on a script and a storyline for a documentary as one of the deliverables for the food security project, yes we are taking this food security and sustainability campaign global! After an extensive meeting with the team and Michael,  a professional videographer, we are so thrilled to bring to life the story of Mr. Francis Wachira of Kiroko enterprises. By shooting this documentary we hope to not only inspire, but also to eliminate  all doubt that an individual cannot start an urban farming project by bringing a real life story of a gentleman who started from the bottom and is building one of the most well known urban agricultural enterprises in Nairobi Kenya, soon to be known worldwide.

In this documentary we seek to bring an insight into how Mr.Wachira started building his family enterprise, showcasing his farming projects such as rabbits, guinea pigs, local poultry, horticulture, and his most lucrative project, the dairy goats. Has he faced numerous challenges while building his enterprise? Absolutely! Mr. Wachira has faced challenges with land grabbing in his surrounding home area, authorities, all before the the Nairobi City Urban Agriculture Promotion Bill that was passed in July,2015.

While we are bringing his story to life, we will also be touching on issues such as food miles, health, food safety and how urban planners are trying to mitigate the effects of structural development on urban agriculture,.

Amidst all the struggles and uncertainties, people like Mr. Wachira have thrived and Nairobi continues to show tremendous progress, against all odds, to ensure that food sustainability is constantly evolving and growing.

Like Mr. Wachira always says, “why plant flowers, when you can grow food!”

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