Hello, just sending a quick group introductory blog from the three newest interns in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Curtis Finlay, Aneesha Dhillon and Sydney Raison.  The three of us are in various stages of our undergraduate degrees but all three are taking either majors or minors in Geography at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).

After over 24hrs of flights and transfers we arrived in Dar es Salaam late on Febuary 7th. The next day we headed out to Ardhi University and  met with professors Kombe, Shemdoe and Kibassa from  Ardhi University’s Institute of Human Settlement Studies.  Our meeting was short, around an hour, but it was productive as  we were able to lay out a basic plan for our research. It appears we will be continuing along the lines of the UFV interns who were here last spring. They looked at food accessibility and distribution in the city through the lens of formal super markets, which service the middle to upper class residents of the city. For our part we plan to add to the knowledge produced by the last interns, taking the next logical step and looking at food security and systems interms of informal food distribution in markets, which primarily service the lower class residents.  We are extremely excited to work on such a worthy  and interesting topic and feel privileged to get to contribute further to the excellent work of the previous interns; Sierra Nickell, Josh Rempel, Jeremy Wagner and Marie Verbenkov. Like these four interns, we hope to be able to advance the knowledge around food systems in Dar es Salaam, lay out a foundation of  information and a path to help guide future UFV interns as they prepare to come to  Dar es Salaam.

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