Two days ago, Curtis, Sydney and I decided to take a break from researching and go to KidzCare and visit with the children there.  This was a nice change of pace and scenery, as well as a form of getting a better understanding of the culture.  KidzCare is an organization that takes in underprivileged and orphaned children.  They are cared for here, tended to and now have access to education, medical care, and nutrition.  We had the privilege and honour to visit the organization where previous interns had visited, and had a chance to interact with the children that are cared for there.

The children are so full of joy, excitement and optimism.  They greeted us with such warmth that made us feel so welcomed right away and put us at ease.  It turns out that visiting them on a Saturday was a wise decision, as it is their sports day.  When we first arrived the event that was taking place was high jump, and these kids were very good at it.  We shortly realized that the children are very impressive and skillful in their athletics, but that is not the only thing that we took note of.  We quickly observed how big and caring their hearts are and how quick they were to accepting us.

We spent the day participating in many different activities with the children of KidzCare.  We took part in a soccer match, What time is Mr. Wolf, Duck, Duck, Goose, tag, pass and we were introduced to some new games as well that they taught to us.  After all of these games Curtis, Sydney and I were a little winded and were in need of a break, while the kids were just gearing up for a soccer practice with their coach.  It appeared that the games that had tired the three of us out, was simply just a warm up for what they were about to endure.  We attended their practice and they were in no shortage of energy, they just keep on going with a permanent smile on their faces.  It was evident that the organized soccer practice was a highlight for the kids and it is something that they look forward to.

The children’s joy, laughter and smiles are absolutely contagious and rubbed off on us.  The other day was a nice and welcomed break for us, and the children of KidzCare ensured that we had a great day and helped us to get a better grasp of the culture in Tanzania.  Curtis, Sydney and I enjoyed our time there very much and already feel attachment to the kids.  Each child at KidzCare has a different story and have endured so much, but yet they carry on with so much joy and light.  We are looking forward to our next visit there, which will hopefully happen in the near future!

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