A little over a week ago, the new group of UFV interns—Liam Halpin, Heather Sumner, Sheena Walper, Tyler Dove and myself—arrived in beautiful Dar es Salaam! Initially, we were a little disoriented from our 36 hours of travel, the heat, the humidity, and the time change, but, at this point, we have all adapted quite nicely to the sunny and laid-back environment in Dar.

The last group of interns—Aneesha Dhillon, Curtis Finlay and Sydney Raison—have been incredibly helpful, as they have introduced us to points of interest in Dar es Salaam and to some contacts at the university. Together, we shared a lot of laughs, and we were sad to see them go, but the remaining interns are starting to develop their own groove.

Dinner with Cherie
Past and present East Africa interns having lunch with Cherie at Woodberry Café.

In terms of internship work, we are currently working to develop connections with ARDHI University and other potential internship partners. We have also been developing our work plans, to be implemented the next 3 months, and we are deciding who will be delegated which tasks. Our major project will be to continue the work that past interns have arranged for us. Namely, we will be conducting surveys with vendors at informal markets throughout Dar es Salaam to acquire data about their products, the source of their products, the distribution of their products, and other information relevant to our research. There is also potential to do some work with Eminus Academy, with mining communities, with NAfASI Art Space, or with Villages of Hope in Mwanza.

Overall, we have been having a great time in Dar es Salaam and we are looking forward to developing our work plans and seeing which direction our internship will take!

Visiting ARDHI University

One thought on “New Interns Arrive in Dar es Salaam

  1. Very excited to see the impact this new group of interns will have. Thankful for the leadership roles played by outgoing interns. Cherie Enns


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