Claurien Zanoria, Owen Coulter, Gurpreet Jaswal and myself (Kristin Swardh) have recently arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to begin our international internship experience. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our other fellow interns Dallas Peeling and Maddie Stewart.

This first week has been exciting, adventurous, intimidating, overwhelming, and inspiring. We got the privilege of touring Ardhi University and meeting with the knowledgeable Dr. Kombe. We met with Annika and Stephen of the Canadian Embassy to discuss plans for the future and the direction we would like to go with our internship, working off of the Summer 2016 interns research.

In between creating work plans and meetings, we’ve found some time to appreciate the culture of Dar es Salaam. From visiting some of the most “touristy” areas, to climbing a flight of stairs that our guide joked was “Mt. Kilimanjaro”, to view the city atop of the church, to lounging on the gorgeous Bahari Beach for the day. Gurpreet and myself were thrown right into the crazy new city, as our wonderful taxi driver Peter took us through a different side of Dar, to avoid traffic leaving the airport, It was the moment we sat back and thought “wow”.


Special thanks to Cherie Enns for organizing this opportunity, and being our guide for the week. 

We have been amazed by the incredible beauty of the city. Not only the beauty in the landscape, but in the kindness of the people and their willingness to help us navigate our new experiences. Although we have encountered a few challenges, we are excited for new opportunities for learning presented by these challenges.

All of the new Fall 2016 East Africa Interns look forward to sharing our adventures!


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