This past week my fellow interns and I made it a goal to become more familiar with Dar es Salaam’s culture, restaurants, and goats. Out of all the various activities and sights Dar has to offer one of the top recommendations from past interns were the goat races. At first we were a bit skeptical of the races, because after all how exciting can goats running around be? It turns out there was much more to the event than the goats and here are the reasons why you should go to the goat races.

  1. It is a charity event
    The Dar es Salaam Goat Races happen every year and have become one of the largest charity events in Tanzania since starting in 2001. Spectators can buy raffle tickets or bet on the goats to contribute to the cause. Amazing charities such as KidzCare are supported by this event which make larger impacts in the community and in the lives of many Tanzanians.
  2. The food
    There are many local food vendors at the event. There is also a wide variety of food such as pizza, seafood, and traditional Tanzanian food so even the picky vegetarian (me) can leave feeling full. Make sure to come with an empty stomach.
  3. Costumes
    Every year the organizers create a new theme of costume for the spectators and the sponsors. This year, it was “A Day at the Races” so there were groups of people dressed up as jockeys in breeches and polos, ladies in their fancy dresses and hats and others who dressed up. It was so much fun to see all the creative costumes. Had we known about the theme and prizes we probably would have dressed up too.
  4. Networking
    While the majority of the spectators were probably expats there was a real sense of community at the event. If you sat down at any of the food vendors or dropped by the beer garden there are so many friendly people with stories to tell.
  5. The goats
    They do not call them the goat races for nothing! There are races that go on throughout the day and you may choose to bet on a goat. A few of us chose to bet on “Vincent Van Goat” but, sadly he lost his race.

All of us had such a fun day so if you ever find yourself in Dar es Salaam make sure you attend the races!

One thought on “The Event of The Year!- 5 Reasons to Attend the Dar es Salaam Goat Races

  1. Glad you went!! And will be interesting to read your reflections on expat community in Dar-considering many of the concepts in your books including the concept of post development ….cherie

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